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Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licences 

Hackney carriage vehicles are passenger carrying vehicles licenced by the Council. They are more commonly called Taxis. It is the responsibility of the Council to regulate the Hackney Carriages it licences.

Generally these licenced vehicles can be identified as they display a prescribed roof sign with the word 'Taxi' to the front and 'Tacsi' to the rear, and a Celtic cross to each side, along with door stickers on both front doors and a licence plate on the rear bumper.

All vehicles must be tested by the Council's Testing Station at Trostre Depot, Llanelli where the vehicles are tested to a specified standard set by the Council.

All Hackney Carriages are fitted with Taximeters, which calculate the fare. The fare must not exceed the Council's Maximum Fare Table .

A card displaying the Council's maximum tariff must also be displayed in each Hackney Carriage vehicle along with details of the Taxi company's own lower charges.

Applicants are advised to read the Council's conditions of licence for hackeny carriages and to discuss the suitability of a vehicle as well as its insurance cover with the Licensing Section before submitting a licence application.

Hackney Carriage Application

Applicants are encouraged to make applications in person to one of the Customer Service Centres. You will need to provide the following items:

  • Completed Application Form (with all sections completed).
  • Vehicle Log Book (V5).
  • Valid MOT (required 12 months from date of 1st registration).
  • Licence Fee.
  • Insurance for public and private hire.
  • Alternatively, applications may be posted to the Licensing Section at the following address:

Licensing Section
Public Protection
3 Spilman Street
SA31 1LE

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