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Page last updated on 02/10/2008
Private Drainage Systems 

The Public Health section deals with many defective drainage problems across the County. Defects can affect one property, an entire road, or even a whole estate. Misconnections can also result in contamination to watercourses.

Drainage can be divided into Public (mains) and Private drainage.

The Public drainage system is dealt with by the sewerage undertaker Welsh Water. Private systems are systems that have not been adopted by Welsh Water and remain the responsiblility of the owner gaining benefit from the system.

Private systems include drains serving one property, as well as the private sewers that serve a number of properties.

Common problems include :

  • blocked systems giving rise to offensive odours or even cause sewage to overflow
  • damaged drainage may facilitate rodent activity by allowing rats access to areas above the ground

If the above problems arise on Private systems, the Authority may, where necessary, serve Statutory Notices on the home owners gaining benefit from the system, requiring remedial works to be carried out.