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Local Development Plan (LDP) 


Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan – Adopted December 2014

On the 10 December 2014 the Council resolved to formally adopt the 'Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan' (LDP) which now supersedes the previous adopted Unitary Development Plan.

A composite of the adopted LDP, together with associated Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment documents are available to view below.  It should be noted that the ‘final’ version of the adopted LDP will be published once available.

The LDP presents a spatial vision for the future of the County and a framework for the distribution and delivery of growth and development. It sets out the land-use planning policies and proposals for Carmarthenshire (excluding that area contained within the Brecon Beacons National Park) which are used in the determination of planning applications. These policies and proposals include land-use allocations for different types of development (i.e. housing, employment, retail, regeneration, recreation/open space etc.) as well as criteria for assessing individual proposals.  The Plan can potentially have a direct effect on the lives of every resident of the County as well as major implications on investment programmes, other plans and strategies, communities and landowners alike.

The LDP, will guide development in the County up to 2021, and will be reviewed in accordance with monitoring requirements.

Adopted Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan – Composite Version

} Written Statement

} Proposals Maps

Inspectors Report on the Examination into the Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan

The report of the Independent Inspector, Rebecca Phillips, BA (Hons) Msc DipM MCIM MRTPI, on the Examination into the Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan (LDP) 2006-2021 was received on 16 October 2014.

Copies of the Inspector's Report are available for inspection free of charge at the Council’s Customer Service Centres, Planning Offices, Public Libraries, during normal opening hours.

The Inspector concluded that, with the recommended changes outlined in her report incorporated into the LDP, the Plan satisfies the requirements of Section 64 (5) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and meets the tests of soundness set out in LDP Wales.

Inspector's Report Covering Letter 16.10.2014 - pdf 115 kb

Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan Report 16.10.2014 - pdf 697 kb

Appendix A - The Council’s proposed changes recommended by the Inspector – Written Statement, Addendum 1 and Addendum 2 - pdf 1935 kb

Appendix B - The Council’s proposed changes recommended by the Inspector – Schedule of MACs Appendix 7: MAC157 Monitoring Framework - pdf 362 kb

Appendix C1 - Growth Areas  - pdf 1454 kb

Appendix C2 - Service Centres, Local Service Centres - pdf 2717 kb

Appendix C3 - Sustainable Communities - pdf 5473 kb
Appendix C4 - Proposals Map - pdf 3630 kb

Appendix D - Changes Recommended by the Inspector - pdf 48 kb


Adoption Statement
Adoption – Public Notice

Sustainability Appraisal

Habitat Regulations Assessment
Volume 1 – Main Text
Volume 2 – Figures
Volume 3 – Appendices

Report to Council 10th December 2014 – Main Report
Appendices to the Report
Minutes of County Council meeting on the 10 December 2014

Contact Details 

Forward Planning Section, Planning Services, 8 Spilman Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1JY

Email: forward.planning@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

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The Local Development Plan will be very important when making planning decisions 
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