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The Family Emergency Plan 

The following is a guide on some of the topics you and your family should discuss when creating your personal family emergency plan.

As mentioned above, ultimately it is the emergency services who will take control of an emergency situation, but as a family group you may find it extremely useful to have a set of guide lines set out.

Please also refer to the Governments leaflet and accompanying website preparing for emergencies .

Public Information

In the event of an emergency and where it is safe to do so, the government‘s advice is:

Go In -  Stay In -  Tune In

During major incidents vital information and advice will be supplied via the radio or television, it is recommended that you tune in to your local station:

Radio Carmarthenshire
Radio Pembrokeshire 

Family Communications

During major incidents, phone networks may become extremely busy, and you may be unable to reach family members via normal means, i.e. mobile phones etc.

It is advised that there should be a family meeting point, away from the family home, possibly a relative or friends home.

In extreme circumstances members of the public may be asked to evacuate their property for reasons of safety. In this event the County Council will arrange emergency rest centres to offer evacuees temporary shelter.

As a family you may wish to make plans regarding alternative accommodation, again possibly with a relative or friends.


Where applicable, pets are in most cases very important, and their needs should be thought through.

Emergency box

In an emergency you may need to leave the house immediately, should this happen it is advised that you make use of the emergency box you created (details on the items required are listed below). It will contain vital information and personal items you may require.

The box should be small enough to be carried and stored in a secure, safe and convenient location.

The items you may require are as follows,

  • Details of prescription medicines for the family
  • Contact list – including reference numbers ( Please se attached template)
  • Toiletries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Radio (battery powered)
  • Torch (battery powered)
  • Spare batteries
  • Notebook and pen
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Extra set of glasses (where applicable)

Emergency Contact Sheet

Please see the attached emergency contact sheet template in the right hand menu, when completed place it within the emergency box as above.

Please note the information contained within the sheet is for your own use only and the emergency box should be located within a secure area.

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