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homes standard

This site is dedicated to the project we set up to make sure that we deliver the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard.

The following information will explain:

  • the different phases (stages) of the project;
  • how it is funded;
  • what we will be doing where and when; and
  • who the members of the project team are and what their roles are;
  • and many more items relating to the project.

What is the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard?
This is the standard which all of our council housing will meet by 2014.

In 2003 we asked 1000 tenants to give their views on the Welsh Assembly Government’s ‘Welsh Housing Quality Standard’, the standard the Assembly set in the ‘National Housing Strategy – Better Homes for People in Wales’.

The results of the survey showed that, for most people, the Welsh Housing Quality Standard was a fair representation of the improvements tenants wanted to see on their homes and estates. However, one thing tenants wanted that wasn’t part of the standard was for us to install carbon-monoxide detectors and provide electric fires with surrounds so we agreed to do this.

We were the first and only council in Wales to ask their tenants what they thought of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

As a result, and as our tenants asked for a slight improvement on the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, we are proud to call our standard the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard.

Tudalen wedi ei diweddaru ar 09/7/2012
Manylion Cysylltu
Carmarthenshire Homes Standard Project Team
Tel: 01267 228362.