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Page last updated on 02/12/2013
Road Spillages 

The council is responsible for dealing with a range of spillages onto adopted highways.

This includes materials that are potentially toxic or dangerous, and therefore dealt with as an emergency.

If you witness or wish to report a spillage please Contact Us .

Oil and Diesel Spillages:

Oil or diesel can cause slippery road surfaces.  This can cause road traffic and potential accidents.  These spillages need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible and it is therefore important that as much information as possible is provided to enable the incident to be dealt with effectively.

Diesel spillages are generally dealt with by sanding the area and placing appropriate signs at the roadside.  A petrol spillage does not usually present the same problem, as it will evaporate readily into the atmosphere.  In severe cases the police may call for the area to be sanded.

Chemical Spillages:

Before any work is carried out the materials have to be assessed and the risks/hazards identified for those attending the incident.

 Emergency Closures:

If conditions are severe enough, a police officer at the scene has the power to close the road.  Where there is a significant hazard, the Highway Authority also has the power to close a road immediately without notification.  Any obstructions to the highway should be reported to the police.

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